​​​​2019 Incentive Program Results

           Most Miles in the Saddle                                                                               

                                                                                Most Volunteer Hours

                           Betty Mayo -     1,079                                                                                                                 

                                                                                                Angie Leigh

                    Jen Smith - 743 Miles                                            Jen Smith - 74 Volunteer Hours
              Debbi Yakalavich - 647 Miles                                    Debbi Yakalavich - 52 Volunteer Hours
              Deborah Butler - 634 Miles                                         Luke Evans - 40 Volunteer Hours
                Pam Bunting - 536 Miles                                          Cindy Evans - 38 Volunteer Hours
                 Cindy Evans - 375 Miles                                         Valerie Brown - 30 Volunteer Hours
                Kim Driscoll - 375 Miles                                          Ingrid McGee - 27 Volunteer Hours
               Denise Walker - 334 Miles                                         Pam Bunting - 20 Volunteer Hours
               Carlette Hunt - 287 Miles                                         Carlette Hunt - 20 Volunteer Hours
                  Linda Weiss - 196 Miles                                           Shelly Eldridge - 12 Volunteer Hours
              Wanda Hazzard - 180 Miles                                          Kim Driscoll - 12 Volunteer Hours
               Erin Morrissey - 97 Miles                                        Erin Morrissey - 10 Volunteer Hours
              Sunny McAlister  60 Miles                                        Deborah Butler - 10 Volunteer Hours

        Most Beaverdam Miles
    Deborah Butler
    309 Miles in 2019


​​​2020 Incentive Program Results

Incentive Programs start January 15th 2022 !

    Miles in the Saddle                                         Volunteer Hours            
      100-500 miles                                                    25+ hours 

     Carlette Hunt                                                    Carlette Hunt

     Deborah Butler                                                 Valerie Brown

                                                                                              Jennifer Smith

       500-1000 miles                                                         
    Linda Gentile                                                    50+ hours 

      Debbie Poston                                                Debbie Yakalavich
      Jennifer Smith
     Mary Lou Smith   
                                              100+ hours  
                                                                                                  Angie Leigh

       1000+ miles                                        

       Betty Mayo                                                    Most Miles at Beaverdam

                                                                             Deborah Butler  

 Dragon Run Saddle Club 

​​​2021 Incentive Program Results

    Miles in the Saddle                                         Volunteer Hours            
100-500 miles                                                   25+ hours 
Sunny McAlister - 100 miles                          Natalie Dansey - 25 hours
Natalie Dansey - 107 miles                              Carlette Hunt - 36 hours
Wanda Hazzard - 124 miles                             Valerie Brown - 40 hours
Stephanie Ammons - 252 miles                
Carlette Hunt - 310 miles                                       
50+ hours 
Angela Rary - 354 miles                             Debbie Yakalavich - 57 hours
Connie Spence - 357 miles                                  Jen Smith - 54 hours
Jen Smith - 433 miles
Debbie Yakalavich - 450 miles                               
100+ hours 
Linda Gentile - 466 miles                                  Angie Leigh - 192 hours
500-1000 miles
Deb Poston - 596 miles                                   
Most Beaverdam Miles
Mary Lou Smith - 612 miles                                    Pam Bunting
Pam Bunting - 626 miles                                 373 miles at Beaverdam
Deborah Butler - 719 miles
  1000+ miles
Betty Mayo - 1212 miles

Amazing achievements in 2020, despite all the challenges that came our way. Congratulations to ALL participants!     

Incentive Programs 2022

Miles in the Saddle

Keep track of your hours or miles in the saddle, the location, and date.  At the end of each month email this information to DRSCIncentivePrograms@yahoo.com  Hours in the saddle will be converted to miles at the rate of 4mph.  *Strategy note: an average non-gaited horse walks 3mph, our rate of 4mph is based on a rider that usually walks and only trots every now and again to equal that average speed of 4mph.  If you ride than that, you’ll get more credit for your riding by using a GPS or an App for your phone. (information on phone apps is in the January Newsletter)  If you use an app, just screenshot your monthly summary and email that.

  Volunteer Hours

Keep track of the time you spend working on DRSC events, local trails, and/or representing our club at functions.  Email DragonRunSaddleClub@yahoo.com at the end of each month with the following information: time spent, activities performed, location of activity, and purpose of activity.

 The Fine Print

Incentive programs run from January 15th, or when you join the club, to December 15th.  
(Example: You renew or join the club on January 2nd, you start counting on January 15th; if you don’t renew until May 5th, you start counting on May 5th - any riding/volunteer time from Jan 15th to May 5th is forfeited.) 

 Incentive programs are meant to encourage and reward members through healthy competition, both between members and to challenge yourself to meet goals.  Please utilize the honor system in reporting your updates. Event Coordinator or designee will keep log for all programs. Programs close promptly on December 15th and all results must be received by that date.  Final results and awards will be presented at the yearly Holiday Party.

2022 Milestones & Prize List

Miles in the Saddle                                                                 Volunteer Hours

     100 Miles - Embroidered Polo Shirt                                     25 Hours - Embroidered Polo Shirt
500 Miles - Embroidered Fleece Zip Up                                  50 Hours - Embroidered Fleece Zip Up
1000 Miles - Embroidered Fleece Horse Cooler                        100 Hours - Embroidered Fleece Winter Jacket

What are you waiting for?  Set your goals and challenge yourself!  :)

How to report your miles/hours

Use the Club's Incentive Programs email address:  


Provide date, location, and miles or hours.

(Please advise which measurement you're using in each email.)